Friday, August 3, 2007

Want a REAL answer to your your nutrition dilemma? Trust me on this one. This is 'the stuff'.

Feeling sluggish or unusually tired? Do you remember to take your vitamins every day? On the go and looking for quick meals that are actually good for you? Need some energy and need it fast, and sustained for up to 6 hours?

I've shared this with a lot of my clients, but everybody needs to know about it, because this is absolutely the BEST product I have found in terms of a complete meal replacement, and supplement of ANY KIND to get all of the vitamins and minerals and everything else under the sun that my body needs. You can find it online for about $50 (plus shipping) or in Henry's or Whole Foods for about $69. At about $2.50 a serving (or meal) it's a steal for all that you get. I mix it with Rice Dream and a bananna.......and feel like a champ afterwards '-) Give it a try!

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