Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bowflex Instructional DVD clip

2004 Bowflex Video and Photo Shoot

After Teaching Fitness Classes in the Phillipines

Playing with the kids of the island of Negros Occidental, near Bacolad City in the Phillipines, part of a two week missions trip on the island.

Just finished teaching fitness classes for kids and local phys ed instructors of the Phillipines. We also worked to build a storage unit for physical education equipment, and toured the area's grounds for missions purposes.

(Feb. 2001)

With the help a dear friend John. D of San Diego, we were also able to provide some the older kids with a brand new Taylor guitar. They had started a band and had no instruments whatsoever!

Inspirational Art Video - Mackey Exhibit (2004)

A inspirational/meditation type video I produced in July, 2004 to coincide with an art exhibit I held in San Diego, CA at a local restaurant called 'The Abbey', to benefit The Special Olympics. The theme of the show was 'Dimensions of Spirit and Space; An Invitation to Recall Your Own Magnificence.