Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Seven Sacred Truths

Title: The Seven Sacred Truths
Acrylic on Canvas
Completed: July 2007
Size: 12" x 36" (1 x 3 ft.)

You may place an order for a giclee print to be produced.

Symbolism and meaning of this painting:

The seven sacred truths are synonymous with the 7 chakras or major energy centers of the human body.

The Truths are:
1. All is One - we are all connected. (root chakra)
2. Honor One Another. ( Sacral chakra)
3. Honor Oneself. (solar plexus chakra)
4. Love is Divine Power. (heart chakra)
5. Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will. (throat chakra)
6. Seek Only the Truth. (3rd eye chakra)
7. Live in the Present Moment.

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